DecPlay on Ireland’s Newstalk Radio

DecPlay teaches you how to play piano…and fast! It was recently featured on ‘The  Right Hook’, George Hook’s kickstart your business show on Ireland’s Newstalk Radio.

Decplay Piano method on Newstalk Radio - website screenshot

This week George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were joined in studio by Declan Cosgrove of “DecPlayPiano.

Declan has seen a gap in the market where it comes to teaching people how to play piano. He says that people who learn from him will be able to play a tune within their first hour of playing.

George was intrigued, and keen to give the business a “kickstart” on The Right Hook. George was sceptical at first but Declan explained how the DecPlay piano tuition method works and showed how it has helped 1000’s of people of all ages and capabilities learn the joy and fun of playing the Piano.

Click here to visit the Newstalk website and listen to the radio interview.


DecPlay piano lessons featured in Tesco

This week, DecPlay was featured in Tesco Magazine! The ‘Make Music’ section highlighted the revolutionary and fast FastPlay method of learning the piano. The ‘Make Music’ section on page 41 said: “WHY? Singing is great for breathing and posture and can boost confidence as well. HOW? Visit to find a choir near you and discover how young kids learn to sing at school with ALSO TRY DecPlay ( is an online programme that aims to get you playing your first tune ever on a piano in less than an hour.

DecPlay - Learn Paino as featured in Tesco Magazine

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

This quote by C.S. Lewis says it all. Anyone can learn to play the piano or keyboard. You simply have to set your goal and decide to believe you can. Here at DecPlay our aim is to then make it as easy for you as possible with our FastPlay piano method. We can get you up and running as quickly as possible, give you some confidence and set you on a path of musical satisfaction. You just need to dream the dream 🙂

We are going to be organising a live seminar soon where we can all hangout, listen to DecPlay founder Declan Cosgrove and ask him questions. Stay tuned!

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How To Redeem Your Groupon Voucher

How to redeem your DecPlay Groupon Voucher and Access the Course:-

  1. go to the relevant course page that you have purchased ie FastPlay or FastPlay Plus and click on the yellow ‘purchase this course‘ button (on the right under the banner image – ignore the price)
  2. on the right hand side of the course page – click on the yellow ‘Pay Now‘ button
  3. at the top of the Checkout page – click on ‘Click here to enter your code‘, insert the Groupon voucher code and select ‘Apply Coupon‘ (the Order Total at the bottom of the page should now be zero)
  4. complete the form under ‘Your Details’ and select ‘Place Order
  5. On the Order Confirmation page, select ‘Click Here to Access the course
  6. Click on the blue lesson headings to see the content of each lesson

To access the course at a later date

  1. If you are not already logged in, go to – select ‘log in‘ – second option from right in top menu bar and complete the log in information.
  2. ensure you are logged in to the site then go to or FastPlay Plus depending on which course you have purchased.
  3. Click on the blue lesson headings to see the content of each lesson