Buy a course, give a course

We want to bring playing the keyboard to as many people as possible. We believe that everyone should be able to play the keyboard. Therefore for every FastPlay course sold on DecPlay, we give away a complimentary course to someone in need. We partner with non-profits to ensure that each sale of our course will give someone in need access to music.

Why did we call it DecPlay

Well its nothing to do with record dec’s or DJ’ing. Very simply, its a homage to Declan Cosgrove, the inventor of the FastPlay keyboard method.


DecPlay: the fastest way to learn the piano there is.

The joy of playing keyboard can be yours in no time, without saving for expensive lessons or years of tedious practice. Our simple numbers and patterns system helps you understand the piano keyboard. So straight away you can start having fun. In just 1 hour you’ll have mastered the basics. In a few hours you’ll be playing tunes.

Anyone can do it. So what are you waiting for? Take the course now!

The Keyboard Revolution

DecPlay was founded with a rebellious spirit and a towering objective: to bring music to everyone though the joy of playing keyboard.

A collaboration between two close friends, DecPlay was conceived as a way to bring inventor Declan Cosgrove’s ‘FastPlay’ keyboard method to the masses. Hundreds of people, including children, teenagers, adults, retirees, teachers and musicians, had already successfully used the ‘FastPlay’ method to play the keyboard before we decided to unleash it on the world. The online course has been launched in 2013 to bring this revolutionary method to you all.

FastPlay and Traditional Music methods

It is a complimentory alternative to the difficult and extremely time consuming traditional way to learn piano. It does not replace the traditional classical learning method but can be used to bring some instant gratification early on in your discovery of music.