Inspiring piano videos

Amazing examples of pianists overcoming adversity to produce incredible music or taking a new approach to playing the piano. Truly inspirational and heart warming. Autistic girl plays piano and sings … Continued


Be in the spotlight Once you’ve registered and started learning why not join our online network? Upload a video of your performance or chart your progress with a video blog-diary. … Continued

Piano lessons tips and advice

Piano lessons motivation The single most important factor to consider when learning to play the piano is maximising motivation to practice. The 2 key aspects to motivating someone to learn … Continued

Playing by Ear

Reading Notation vs Playing by Ear How do the different method of playing piano compare ie reading notation and playing by ear? As someone who can both read notation and … Continued

Free Piano Sheet Music

Copyright Free Piano Sheet Music The question of what sheet music is copyright free and what is copyright protected is often one for hot debate! Many people assume wrongly that … Continued