DecPlay on Ireland’s Newstalk Radio

DecPlay teaches you how to play piano…and fast! It was recently featured on ‘The  Right Hook’, George Hook’s kickstart your business show on Ireland’s Newstalk Radio.

Decplay Piano method on Newstalk Radio - website screenshot

This week George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were joined in studio by Declan Cosgrove of “DecPlayPiano.

Declan has seen a gap in the market where it comes to teaching people how to play piano. He says that people who learn from him will be able to play a tune within their first hour of playing.

George was intrigued, and keen to give the business a “kickstart” on The Right Hook. George was sceptical at first but Declan explained how the DecPlay piano tuition method works and showed how it has helped 1000’s of people of all ages and capabilities learn the joy and fun of playing the Piano.

Click here to visit the Newstalk website and listen to the radio interview.


How To Redeem Your Groupon Voucher

How to redeem your DecPlay Groupon Voucher and Access the Course:-

  1. go to the relevant course page that you have purchased ie FastPlay or FastPlay Plus and click on the yellow ‘purchase this course‘ button (on the right under the banner image – ignore the price)
  2. on the right hand side of the course page – click on the yellow ‘Pay Now‘ button
  3. at the top of the Checkout page – click on ‘Click here to enter your code‘, insert the Groupon voucher code and select ‘Apply Coupon‘ (the Order Total at the bottom of the page should now be zero)
  4. complete the form under ‘Your Details’ and select ‘Place Order
  5. On the Order Confirmation page, select ‘Click Here to Access the course
  6. Click on the blue lesson headings to see the content of each lesson

To access the course at a later date

  1. If you are not already logged in, go to – select ‘log in‘ – second option from right in top menu bar and complete the log in information.
  2. ensure you are logged in to the site then go to or FastPlay Plus depending on which course you have purchased.
  3. Click on the blue lesson headings to see the content of each lesson

DecPlay online lessons makes piano playing as easy as 1, 2, 3

Recently launched Manchester-based DecPlay provides online piano lessons that teach novices to play their first song in just one hour, using its ground-breaking FastPlay method.

Founded by FastPlay inventor and M.D at Bite Digital, Declan Cosgrove, with his Bite colleague Jason Cozens, DecPlay is offering potential musicians a faster, simpler and cheaper way to learn to play the piano.

Using an ingenious combination of techniques, including numbers and patterns to harness our inbuilt cognitive and creative abilities and removing the complexity of traditional notation, DecPlay is an incredibly simple method that enables fledgling pianists to play their first song within minutes.
Players can then choose to develop their playing ability with additional DecPlay skills, learn more songs or progress to alternative styles of playing, such as ‘playing by ear’ or learning to read classical notation.

Declan Cosgrove said: “Playing the keyboard or piano is incredibly rewarding and so much fun – it enables you to create deep connections with others and is highly effective in improving creativity, brain training and self-confidence. Our mission is to empower one million people to experience the joy of playing piano without having to save up for expensive lessons or spend years practicing.

“With The FastPlay system, which has been used to teach thousands of people to play the piano already, all people need is a keyboard and the ability to count to seven, then within a few minutes they’re able to play songs.

“DecPlay is designed for popular music, not for classical or jazz, yet has been used by some classical piano teachers to provide beginners with confidence and a sense of achievement within their first lesson. ”

DecPlay’s commitment to make music accessible to everyone is supported by its ‘Buy a Course, Give a Course’ initiative. Partnering with non-profit organisations, such as Able Disabled in Ireland and Being Children in Goa, the campaign gives someone in need access to music via a free online course for every course purchased.