How does DecPlay achieve rapid results?

  1. Teaching the fastest and easiest route to playing songs in order to get quick results, to maximise your enjoyment of playing and fuel your desire to progress your learning and to practice regularly (the key to success)
  2. Provides a new type of song sheet which is so simple it can be understood within the first lesson, replacing traditional notation ‘dots’ with numbers
  3. Harnesses your existing knowledge of the song to enable the correct rhythm to be played by following the lyrics rather than learning complex musical notation
  4. Identifies the simple patterns existing within popular music
  5. Reduces the amount of notes you have to read by two thirds by an amazingly simple ‘chord pattern’
  6. Dispenses with the need to learn the 24+ different ‘scales’ and ‘key signatures’ (considered by many to be the most boring part of traditional tuition techniques)