How Do I Register For The Course?

  1. go to the relevant course page that you wish to register for ie FastPlay or  FastPlay Plus and click on the yellow ‘purchase this course’ button (on the right under the banner image
  2. on the right hand side of the course page – click on the yellow ‘Pay Now’ button
  3. If you have a voucher code (eg users migrating from a previous course) then at the top of the Checkout page – click on ‘Click here to enter your code’, insert the voucher code and select ‘Apply Coupon’ (the Order Total at the bottom of the page should change to reflect the code)
  4. complete the form under ‘Your Details’ and select ‘Place Order’
  5. On the Order Confirmation page, select ‘Click Here to Access the course’
  6. Click on the blue lesson headings to see the content of each lesson
** To access the course at a later date, ensure you are logged in to the site then go to or depending on which course you have purchased. If you are not already logged in, go to – select ‘log in’ – second option from right in top menu bar and complete the log in information. **