Traditional Notation vs DecPlay Comparison

  • DecPlay is much easier and faster than traditional notation to gain musical confidence, have fun with the keyboard and feel a sense of achievement in playing a song with chords and melody.  DecPlay also teaches you the patterns of chords that virtually all songs are made from (which are not shown in traditional notation) which releases your potential to improvise and even compose your own music. Another advantage is that DecPlay harnesses your existing knowledge of the rhythm of a song to avoid having to learn to read rhythm notation. As such, it is only intended for songs that you have already heard before.


  • Learning by traditional notation has disadvantages in that it is an ‘absract’ notation that requires you to learn the meaning of dots on lines that represent each letter, which then represents note, which is far slower learning process that DecPlay’s number and colour system. It doesn’t show you the repeating patterns in the music or the connections between notes that create chords. The advantage is that it gives you access to a far wider range of music and enables you to play songs that you have not heard before.


  • Every number in DecPlay relates directly to a note in traditional notation, so learning DecPlay will make it easier for you to learn traditional notation compared to absolute beginners.