Fun Piano Videos

4 Piano Chord Trick

Axis Of Awesome at the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – the Australian comedy group perform a very funny video sketch showing how dozens of songs use the same chords – proving the theory behind DecPlay Piano! In this case, they show how using just chords 1, 5, 6 and 4, you can play a huge variety of songs, ranging from Journey – Don’t Stop Believing, James Blunt – You’re Beautiful to Lady Gaga – Poker Face, Aqua – Barbie Girl and even Waltzing Matilda! The video is courtesy of Network Ten Australia.

The Fun Theory

Showing how important music can be in changing human behaviour.


Learn to Play Piano Yourself…. in only 1 hour!

You too can learn to play the piano in 1 hour with the DecPlay tuition guide, piano lessons and videos. DecPlay replaces the traditional notation method, with a system of numbers and patterns, which makes learning piano easy, fun and amazingly quick. Learn to play the piano online or at DecPlay events.