Designed for popular music (as opposed to classical or jazz), DecPlay provides the fastest and easiest way to enjoy the pleasure of playing piano for beginners, using a simple ‘numbers and colours’ system, without requiring you to learn how to read traditional ‘music scores’.



  1. Rapid Results
    – Beginners: learn to play your first song in 1 hour
  2. Easy to Follow
    – Amazingly simple ‘patterns, numbers and colours’ technique
  3. Ideal for Parties / Dinner Parties
    – Impress and delight your friends with your piano playing
  4. Advanced Performance
    – Advanced method and ‘ProPlay’ enable you to play in a professional style
  5. All the Fun -Without the Pain!
    – Avoids need to ‘read music’
  6. Freedom to Improvise
    – Professional playing patterns explained, so you can easily invent your own style to any song
  7. Save Time and Money
    – Learn to play sooner and for less cost than many other methods