learn to play your first song within 1 hour!

FastPlay’s simplicity is the secret to being the quickest way to learn how to play the piano.

This method is designed to enable the majority of songs to be learnt within 1 hour, without any prior knowledge of playing music or the piano.


how long will it take to learn piano?

The following are the average times taken to learn piano by the FastPlay method;

  • 10 minutes – Fast Play:- Learn the 5 ‘Fast Play’ skills
  • 1 hour – Play your first song with both hands
  • 1 week – Play with confidence to an audience –  (assuming 15 minutes practice per day)

Angela’s first lesson

how does DecPlay enable you to learn piano so quickly?

1) replaces notation with numbers

All the DecPlay methods (including FastPlay, ProPlay etc..) use numbers from 1 to 7, to replace traditional notation (sometimes called ‘dots on a stave’). This simple principle teaches you what you want to know ie which key to press on the piano, by relating it to what you already know ie numbers from 1 to 7. This means you learn to play in a fraction of the time taken by traditional tuition methods, which first teaches you an abstract new language ie notation, sharps, flats, 5 line staves etc…. before you can learn which keys to play on the piano.

2) 1 simple pattern, plays 3 notes in 1

FastPlay strips away the complexity of traditional notation, to show the amazingly simple chord structures that the vast majority of pop songs are built from. This method enables you to play the accompaniment to songs using a single simple pattern (hand position) which takes only seconds to learn, yet which enables you to play any of the 7 standard chords, which covers around 90% of pop songs ever written. Each chord patterns plays 3 notes at once, so impressive sounding accompaniment can be achieved simply by following a sequence of chord numbers eg the chords to Twist and Shout by the Beatles and La Bamba are 1, 4 and 5.

3) you already know the rhythm!

DecPlay utilises the most powerful force available in music tuition – the knowledge you already have! DecPlay is designed to teach you songs that you know and love, rather than songs that you have never heard before. As you already know the rhythm of the song, instead of spending a great deal of time having to learn traditional rhythm notation eg crotchets, semi-quavers, minims etc….. – DecPlay enables you play the rhythm instantly, simply follow the lyrics and play the note numbers in time with the words. The method even works where there are no words, as long as you know how the music goes.

4) fun – the magic ingredient

By allowing you to select songs that you already know (and love!) and enabling you to play to a level that will impress your family and friends within an hour, learning with DecPlay is great fun – which means that you are motivated to practice …. the key ingredient for success.

what next…

In order to learn to play piano, faster than you ever thought possible, start the FastPlay course.