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English poet and clergyman, John Newton wrote the words to Amazing Grace which was published in 1779. It is a song that many people around the world can relate to and is one of the most popular pieces that we have transcribed into DecPlay piano sheet music. It is deemed to be one of the most recognisable songs in the English speaking world and although it originates from England it is very popular in the USA as well.

The words that Newton wrote all came from his personal experiences after leaving the Royal Navy. Prior to the experiences that inspired Amazing Grace, he was non-religious. In the mid 1700s, Newton became involved in the Atlantic slave trade and in 1748 his vessel was sternly battered in a violent sea storm, causing him to call out for mercy from God. This caused his spiritual conversion to Christianity, inspiring him to write a message of forgiveness, redemption from sins and the cleansing of the soul from despair in the form of Amazing Grace.

Many artists have released their own renditions of Amazing Grace since, creating it in genres such as country, punk and rock. Some of the most famous people to cover the song are Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson making this a very appealing piano song sheet for budding musicians to learn.


This piano sheet music is suitable for people who have learnt the FastPlay piano tuition method and is available for instant download.

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Amazing Grace