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Learn Cannonball (Damien Rice) on piano within 1 hour with this FastPlay rapid results piano sheet music. This piano sheet music is suitable for people who have learnt the FastPlay and FastPlay Plus piano tuition methods and is available for instant download.

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Song Background

Cannonball was originally released in 2002 in Ireland and has had several rises to the top since. The writer and original performer of the song is Irish folk singer, Damien Rice. The song came from his debut album O which is dedicated to his friend, Mic Christopher, who died of a head injury in 2001. On its release in the UK, Cannonball peaked at number 32 in the British Singles Chart. It was re-released in 2004, this time peaking at number 19.

A lot of Cannonball’s success is thanks to the British The X Factor. John Adams sang it in his audition piece in 2011, causing the original track to cruise into the top 10 in the British Singles Chart, this time doing better than its original release and re-release and reaching number 9.

The X Factor brought Damien Rice’s lyrics into limelight once again when Tulisa Contostavlos’ act, Little Mix won the competition. Cannonball was chosen as their winners song and it topped the British and Irish singles charts in its first week of release. Little Mix’s version was produced by Steve Mac and Richard Stannard, both of whom have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Mac has worked with the likes of One Direction, The Wanted, Westlife, Susan Boyle and Il Divo. Stannard was the reason behind the success of the world’s biggest girl group, the Spice Girls and has produced for Kylie Minogie, U2 and also One Direction. Decplay’s piano sheet music gives you the opportunity to learn this piece and with practice you’ll be able to perform it for your family and friends.


This piano sheet music is suitable for people who have learnt the FastPlay piano tuition method and is available for instant download.




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