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This worldwide hit by George Michael and Wham! reached number 1 in 25 countries, selling around six million copies overall. It was Michael’s first solo single even though he was still a Wham! member. It is featured on Wham!’s number 1 hit album, Make it Big. Careless Whisper was record label Epic Records first million selling single and was Michael’s biggest selling single in the UK as both a solo artist and as a Wham! member.

Michael wrote the song at the age of 17. He is thought to have said he was too immature and afraid of talking about his personal life in his songs so came up with the love story behind the lyrics on a bus travelling to his job as an usher at a cinema. That’s where the lyric “the silver screen” came from in the first verse.

Careless Whisper and George Michael’s producing received lots of praise for the saxophone solo at the beginning of the song. Saxophonist, Steve Gregory was the musician behind the intro and was hugely credited for the amount of notes he could play in one breath. It has become one of the most famous sax solos in pop music. Gregory went on to play in Queen’s song One Year of Love on their hit album, A Kind of Magic.

The song was uniquely covered by the late Tupac Shakur. It has also been performed by The Gossip on BBC Radio 1’s Established 1967. The X Factor contestants Shayne Ward and Daryl Johnson performed Careless Whisper in the live episodes of the show.  You too could perform this song with Decplay’s piano sheet music.


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Careless Whisper

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