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Dusty Springfield originally released I Only Want to Be with You in 1963, three weeks after The Springfields band last concert. It was recorded whilst she was still in the band. It was written by Mike Hawker and Ivor Raymonde who also went on to write Springfield’s next solo song, Stay Awhile. Raymode worked with huge artists such as Frankie Vaughan, Billy Fury, Julio Iglesias and The Walker Brothers. Guitarist, Vic Flick played on I Only Want to Be with You and he had performed on many James Bond theme songs.

The song peaked at number 4 in the UK charts and number 12 in the US. The Beatles were the first artists of the “British Invasion” of the US charts and Springfield was the second in 1964 with this song, entering at number 77. The song is about a girl’s teenage crush on what she thinks is the man of her dreams. Springfield loved songs of this storyline because of her love of girl group songs.

A few artists have released their own versions of I Only Want to Be with You. The first were the Bay City Rollers in 1976. It was marginally more commercially successful than Springfield’s original, matching her chart success in the UK and US but spending 5 weeks longer in the US charts than her. In 1979, The Tourists debuted themselves with their version featuring Annie Lennox’s vocals. In addition, former glamour model Samantha Fox released the I Only Want to Be with You on her album in 1988, I Wanna Have Some Fun.  With practice you could learn and perform this song using the DecPlay method and our piano sheet music.


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I Only Want To Be With You

Dusty Springfield, The Tourists