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Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice released The Blower’s Daughter in 2001 and then featured it on his first studio album, O in 2002. O is dedicated to Mic Christopher who was a friend of Rice’s who unfortunately died of a head injury in 2001. Rice wrote and composed The Blower’s Daughter, as well as the rest of the songs on O. On its release in Ireland on 21st September 2001, The Blower’s Daughter peaked at number 38 in the Irish music charts. It appeared in the charts again in the December of 2004, peaking at number 27 in the UK music charts due to its appearance in the film Closer. The film was a romantic drama starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen.

Rice’s lyrics in The Blower’s Daughter have caused confusion for many people. There are several stories and reasons behind his metaphorical lyricism. One of them is that Rice is talking about his feelings for the daughter of a clarinet teacher. Clarinet players are often referred to as ‘blowers’. However, one of the possibilities is that Rice worked in a call centre and the ‘blower’ is actually the cockney rhyming slang for a telephone. He is reported that I called a home looking to speak to a man but spoke to his daughter, with whom he fell in love with her voice. They talked for a long time and eventually Rice went to see her, to find that she was actually a school girl.


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The Blower’s Daughter

Damien Rice .