Budding musicians love DecPlay


Fabulous ways to piano learning

Brilliant about the result! Amazing!

Great for teaching

Just wanted to say thank you so much for this fabulous method. I have used it to fulfil a lifelong ambition to play the piano when I thought it was too late. I now use Decplay to teach children with additional support needs. Anyone can learn. Thank you Declan.

Great way to improve your playing

I'm working my way through fast play plus and it's great -I did grade 3 piano when I was a child and have been trying to improve my playing for a few years now -this method is so much simpler! I thought the tips on improvisation in the fast play pro are good and I've enjoyed adding a few bits to some of the song sheets I've downloaded,  which I haven't had the confidence to do before!
Ani Neradilkova

Myth Buster

Thank you thank you! You busted my own myth about how quickly I could learn a piece on piano! I am stoked about how easy it was and that I could actually play!

Innovative and Original!

A clever, fun and original way to perform and feel confident on the piano. With interesting methods and ideas it makes piano playing truly revolutionary!
Vince Cosgrove

Dec Play FastPlay Lite

It's brilliant !!, I'd not touched a keyboard since year 10 (traditional formal lessons playing chopsticks wasn't really for me!), but after an hour of this system I can play tunes I actually like 🙂 !!!!


very straightforward way to learn!
Laura Romero

just so easy!?

Never thought that playing the piano could be so easy!
The lessons are short and simple.
It makes you want to go through the other skills to learn more difficult melodies.
Bryson Cozens

Fast Learning - Easy

Brilliant way of learning the pianokeyboard as it is so easy and simple!! Takes barely any time at all!!
Greatly reccomend it!!
Attracta Mathews

Highly recommend!

So easy to follow and learn tunes in no time at all - great course!


i had piano lessons as a kid and was always frustrated that you were always learning not playing songs so love this.
many thanks


This really works, I'm astonished. I wish this was available years ago.
Juliette Bramall


This course is fantastic. I've wanted to learn to play the piano since I was a kid, but never had the time to learn. Within a matter of hours I was making music!
Amanda Penny

Very impressed

My daughter had a go and performed at a party so thought I'd give it a try myself. I was very impressed at how quickly I learnt to play. I've suggested duetting with my daughter but she doesn't want her mum cramping her style!
Nicola Walker-smith

Wow, amazing!

A great course, it's simple and fun to use. A fantastic way to learn to play the piano.
Simone Marcelle


Never learnt any piano and was able to play a song in an hour!
Georgia Penny

Love it!

I have had singing training but I've never been able to play a musical instrument. I can now sing and play the piano at the same time, thanks DecPlay!
Sergio Sequeira Fernandes

Fabulous way to relax and learn

Fantastic way to learn fast, relax with lovely music and off course the whole family can join...I think this will bring a lot of people together specially also at this time of the year and parties all going on, thank you rnalice & sergios
John Miles

Great fun, very impressed!

This is a great course, really simple and fun!
Cheryl Mcgoldrick

Fantastic Fun

Amazing, able to play a recognisable tune on the piano within an hour. Fantastic fun for the whole family and definitely encourages you to carry on playing as you can enjoy learning new songs and improve quickly.
Calum Cooper

Just Brilliant

I haven't got a lick of musical ability in me and I was playing my favourite tunes within an hour or so. It's ridiculously fun as well!
Jane Mackenzie

Fun and Very User Friendly

Really like the concept and was good fun to work through and feel like you are learning something new. Would strongly recommend!
Sue Fisher

Who knew learning a new skill could be such fun!

As a child I took a few piano lessons but for some reasons I just couldn't quite get it. I always regretted not persevering so I gave Decplay a try and I feel so proud of myself, the method is so simple and I can now play my favourite songs with confidence-my kids are really impressed!
Sharon Gosling


Brilliant I played at a party and it went down a storm!! Amazing
Jo Forrest

Instant success!

I really thought it would take me a little longer than advertised as I do not have a musical bone in my body! I was amazed it really does do what it says on the tin! Instant success! Amazing! Thank you!
Paul Nicholas


A great way to learn how to play the piano at a very good price!
Liz Pickard

Fill The halls With Music

Truely Astonishing to be able to play a Chrismas tune within 2 hours that you can sing along to( I never thought it I could do it) This brings the possibility of playing music to everyone of all ages and its fun!
Kate Gerbich

Fantastic! Really easy.

I never believed that I'd be able to pick up and play a tune so quickly. I definitely want to go on and learn more. Very excited!
Jason Cozens

Good and true!

I would say this as one of the team but this really does work. We've had 1000's of people do our DecPlay piano courses. As the reviews from FastPlay musicians shows, you will be surprising your friends in no time!
Mike Raftery

Wow - That is quick!

Able to play something in the hour - great encouragement and motivated to improve as the course is simple to follow!

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